Ovulation induction (OI) is ‘timed intercourse’ with the help of Dr Elgey. It is indicated if you have irregular or anovulatory periods. It is suitable for women who are:

At your initial consultation, Dr Elgey will run through yours and your partners medical history and arrange for you to have basic hormone profiles performed. These tests will help to determine whether Ovulation Induction (OI) is suitable for you.

What to expect during ovulation induction:

Ovulation induction is the most non-invasive fertility treatment and normally involves these stages.


Medications are usually taken over 5 consecutive days early in your cycle.  The medication, dose and timing varies from woman to woman and also from cycle to cycle. These oral medications promote the growth of the fluid-filled sacs (follicles) containing the eggs.

There are two medications in general use and Dr Elgey will advise you which is best for you.

Cycle Monitoring

Your hormone levels (oestrogen) and follicular development are tracked throughout the stimulation cycle by blood tests and pelvic ultrasound under the guidance of Dr Elgey.

Egg release – ovulation

Dr Elgey will inform you when you are about to ovulate and if you can proceed with timed intercourse. Your ovulation window is normally up to 36 hours after your oestrogen surge.

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