How to Achieve a Positive Mirena Insertion

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The Mirena is now the most commonly used form of contraception in Australia. A ‘set-and-forget’ intrauterine device meaning no more emergency trips to the chemist after a missed birth control pill or broken condom. Once inserted, the Mirena remains at the base of the uterus for five years, slowly producing hormonal barriers to prevent pregnancy. If you’re lucky, the Mirena will reduce your period to spotting or for some, cease periods altogether. 

But with all it’s praise, the Mirena cops a lot of slack. Particularly when it comes to the insertion/removal experience. Over the years I have had the opportunity to observe the experiences in our rooms and take note on how a patient prepares for their Mirena insertion. Here are some of my favourite observations that I know left a positive experience on our patients: 

How to achieve a positive Mirena Insertion: 
  1. Schedule the insertion/removal at the time of your period. 

This is something firmly recommend in our clinic. During your period your cervix is slightly open to allow menstrual blood and lining to pass. It’s also sitting lower which makes it easier to feel and to access. 

  1. Mediation and Crystal Therapy 

Mediation is the highest level of self-induced relaxation. When in a meditative state, our body and mind are at peace. The body is less tense and the mind is clear. We are alleviating the anxious state. A patient can practice mediation in our procedural room, laying on the examination bed prior to insertion. Crystals such as Moonstone, Jade and Howlite are perfect to hold onto during the procedure. Once ready, the patient can count us in when they feel ready to accept the Mirena insertion. 

3. Reiki on the Sacral Chakra

Our sacral chakra is located just below the pubic bone and is responsible for intimacy, sex and purification. In women it is represented by the uterus. By performing reiki on the sacral chakra in the days leading up to your appointment, you are ridding your body of the emotional and physical toxins held in your sacral chakra. The release of these negativities unblocks the uterus of tension and allows for a more pleasant and accepting experience of the Mirena insertion/removal.  

sacral chakra

4. Nurofen Prior to Appointment Time

To help ease the cramps that follow the insertion, we recommend taking anti-inflammatory medication such as Nurofen prior to your appointment time so enough time has passed for it to kick in once the procedure is complete. Our team will always run through this with you on the day of your booking to ensure you are taking the appropriate medication for you. 

5. Filter the Information You Read / Hear

Everyone who has a Mirena has an experience to tell. That doesn’t necessarily mean that your experience will be mirrored to theirs. A  great example is a nullipara (non pregnant patient) having a Mirena placed v a mother who delivered three vaginal births. Same goes for GPs and specialists having different levels of experience when it comes to Mirena insertion and removals. Women with symptoms such as vaginismus will also have a completely different experience to women with laxity. We strongly suggest you book in with your chosen provider for a chat about a Mirena first to see if this is right for you. 

Once inserted, the Mirena is the most low-maintenance, highly effective and affordable contraception method on the market. To learn more about how our team can manage your Mirena insertion and/or removal, call our rooms on 3344-1656 

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