Why the Type Of Underwear You Wear Matters to Your Vagina

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Choosing what underwear you’re going to buy usually comes down to two things: comfort and style. Sometimes we go for both, other times, one completely over the other. But what we also need to consider is our lady parts when investing in new underwear. So why does your underwear choice matter to your vagina?

You’ve probably already seen this as a major trend in the intimates section, as many women are swapping their lace underwear for cotton briefs. Think the likes of Calvin Kleins and the multitude of A-List stars such as Hailey and Justin Bieber and the Kardashian clan making the athleisure-inspired lingerie popular again.

Your Underwear Choice Actually Does Matter To Your Vagina

Truth is, even though silky blends feel luxurious, the better fabric for your vagina is plain old cotton. Cotton is known to be one of the most breathable types of fabrics which makes it better for your skin – especially your vagina. “Cotton in general tends to be non-irritating to your skin,” says Raquel Dardik, MD, of the Tisch Women’s Health Center. “The external skin around your vagina is like regular skin, but more sensitive. So if you have material that irritates your skin normally, you might have minor inflammation to the area.”

Pretty silk lingerie make us feel sexy, but most synthetic fabric, including silk are not that breathable. For women who have sensitive skin or suffer recurring yeast infections, it is advised to purchase the most breathable underwear like these Aussie brands we are loving right now. 100% organic cotton or at the least, underwear with a 100% cotton inner lining.

Candida Infections, Recurrent Episodes and a Moist Environment

Yeast thrives on moisture. So if you are quite active, or if you have a high volume of vaginal discharge, you’re creating a prime breeding ground for recurring thrush infections. Especially if you are still wearing synthetic underwear on the daily.

So whether you’re hitting up the gym or plan on lounging around the house and want to save your delicates for more special occasions, remember why your underwear choice matters to your vagina! there’s no better reason to stock up on the cottons. If you haven’t added these to your collection, now is the time.

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