Stretch Marks

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Oh, Hello Stretch Marks.

Thank you for interrupting my once flawless skin. And whilst I acknowledge myself as a warrior-princess for growing life for the last nine months, I really don’t appreciate your lingering. Can you leave now?

Okay, so Doctor Google has informed me that I am stuck with you. We have a permanent tie now, there is no one way to erase you. So where do we go from here?


The cheapest treatment solution, but minimal evidence to support a notable change of fully-formed stretch marks. On the positive, lotion will help to soothe, help with itching and nourish the skin. Yes please! Anything to keep my skin hydrated and supple.


Laser resurfacing and Fractional Laser are definitely an option to consider, and I can see how this can achieve results. The science behind it makes sense; tiny micro-needling into the area of treatment triggers cellular renewal and new collagen production. The skin rejuvenation ultimately reduces the severity of the appearance. I like the sound of that.


You know what? I’m going to embrace these stripes. I am a warrior goddess who housed life within my body for nine months. For nine months my body cared for two. For nine months my emotions ran high for two. For nine months I grew, I protected, I outshone my own expectations. I created life.

Now that I truly come to think of it, those stretch marks are worth keeping.



– Article written by Natalie de Byl


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