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At Ava Fertility, Dr Elgey has access to donor sperm and donor eggs through our partners at ADDAM and EEVE donor banks. We also can assist with access to donor embryos when these are medically required.

For many people, utilising a donor will be their preferred or only way to have a child. We help many people in this process and do so on an almost daily basis.

Surrogacy may be an option for some who are unable to carry a pregnancy. This process can be very involved and getting the right medical advice is important. We also advise getting the right legal advice as surrogacy is as much a legal as a medical procedure, and the requirements vary from state to state as to eligibility.

In general terms the steps required are;

  1. See us for an initial medical assessment
  2. Complete screening tests
  3. Obtain appropriate counselling from a Qualified fertility counselor( we can help you find the right people)
  4. Have a review appontment and make a plan’
  5. Choose your donor!

For surrogacy cases, there are  additional steps for legal advice, review of the planned surrogate and applications.

Dr Elgey and team have a proven track record in managing and performing IVF procedures. With success rates above industry standards we strive to help you achieve the best outcomes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are donors available locally?

Our partners maintain  donor registries in states across Australia. Donors can be state specific in that a donor who resides in Qld may only be used in Qld. Other states may have similar restrictions and you may need to travel for treatment to that state.

Can I use an overseas donor?

We have access to egg and sperm donors from across the globe.

Australian legislation requires that all donors must give altruistically. ie without payment. All the donor partners we use meet Australian regulations and can be imported.

We are not able to import samples that are not arranged through our screened partners.

How many children can each donor have?

All donors have a ‘Family Limit’. This is a limit to the number of families that they can assist. Each family can have multiple children. The number of families varies form state to state, but is around 5 to 10 families.

If you have a child with a donor who has reached their limit and want more children from them, provided you have access to their eggs or sperm you can continue to expand your family.

Are donors screened for infectious diseases?

All donor material is screened for a wide range of infections. This is a legal requirement to your ensure safety.

Are the donors checked for genetic diseases?

Donors have been screened for many years for a large number of genetic disorders. This is called genetic carrier risk reduction. This means your risks of a significant common genetic disorder are reduced.

No test can reduce the risk of all genetic disorders. If you are concerned about a specific genetic disorder please talk to us or a clinical geneticist.

How long does the process take?

Most donor material can be arranged from first consultation to trying to conceive in as little as 6 to 8 weeks.

Times can vary. Some genetic screens can take longer and may delay the process. Most tests and counselling can be dome within 4 weeks.

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