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The Ava Fertility and Gynaecology Story

Training in science and working in the field of genetics, I saw the stories and experiences of pregnancy from nearby. This drew me to step away from the lab and study medicine, so I could take a direct role in helping women and their families through some difficult, but mostly joyous times of pregnancy and birth. For many years I helped life begin and to then deliver that life into the world.

Ava Fertility and Gynaecology came to be when I stepped back from delivering to really focus on helping those babies come to be.

Personal experiences with difficulties in continuing a family and miscarriages kept me learning about ways to assist women and their families. This has given me unique insights into the physical and psychological challenges women face when they are trying to conceive.

I remain passionate about keeping up to date in fertility care, as well as issues and treatments in womens’ health and gynaecology.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide quality fertility and gynaecology care to meet the needs and expectations of the people we care for

Our Mission

We always strive to deliver quality healthcare that is appropriate for our patients, without regard to gender, sexual identity, race, religion or cultural background.

We only recommend and provide healthcare which is

  • appropriate, timely and deliverable.
  •  evidence based
  • meets our patients needs and expectations

We work towards and achieve outcomes that benefit our patients and practice.

We continuously ask ourselves how our actions achieve these goals and can we do better.

We choose to partner with City Fertility Centre and Rainbow Fertility

A Global Leader in Fertility Care – Leading Australian Donor Banks

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