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Choose the Ava Fertility 5 Step Pathway

We have developed our 5 Step Pathway to fertility care that streamlines your experience and care

Step 1

See your GP for referrals. (if you have a partner to get one for them, so we can consult them!)

Step 2

Meet with us to discuss your concerns, assist you and offer advice

Step 3

We'll arrange necessary tests and investigations to help guide you

Step 4

Let's review and advise you on a suitable plan for your care

Step 5

You're on your way!

Meet Our Team

When you see us, we make sure you are cared for by people with passion and and appreciation for your journey

Dr Stephen Elgey

Clinical Lead


Fertility Care Co-ordinator

Proudly working with City Fertility Centre and Rainbow Fertility

A Global leader in Fertility Care

Get to know Dr Elgey

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How What You Eat Can Impact Your Cycle


Understanding Male Infertility

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