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What is a Colposcopy

A colposcopy is a close examination of a woman’s cervix (neck of the womb) to help identify any abnormalities using a special magnifying instrument called a colposcope.

Why is a colposcopy done?

Your health care provider may recommend you have a colposcopy after an abnormal Cervical Screening test (CST – previously known as a Pap smear) or because of symptoms such as bleeding from the cervix. The CST is a screening tests for viruses associated with an increase your risk for developing changes in the cells of the cervix. A ‘Higher Risk’ result means one or more of the viruses were detected. Some women may also have been told that microscopic changes were seen in some cells.

A colposcopy helps a gynaecologist to make an assessment of the cervix to determine:

  • whether there is an abnormality and what type of abnormality (minor or more serious)
  • if a biopsy should be taken and where the biopsy should be taken from 
  • if further treatment is needed

How is a colposcopy done?

Having a colposcopy is similar to having a CST (Pap smear) but will take between 15 minutes and half an hour. A colposcopy is usually scheduled for a time when you are not having your period but bleeding does not mean a colposcopy cannot be done. (It is important that abnormal or unusual bleeding is investigated.)

Booking in for a colposcopy:

To schedule your colposcopy call our rooms on 07 5667 7711.

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Frequently Asked Questions



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