Bartholin’s Cyst

Gyanecology vaginal cyst

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Bartholin’s cysts are fairly common and nothing to be embarrassed about. They form in the Bartholin’s glands which are located at the base of the opening of the vagina. These glands help to provide lubrication of the vagina – so, its not uncommon to feel an increase in dryness as a first symptom of a Bartholin’s cyst.

Sometimes these cysts can resolve themselves and other times a course of antibiotics is needed to resolve a Bartholin’s cysts. If a course of antibiotics has been unsuccessful in resolving the cyst, it’s really important that we action this, as we don’t want infection crossing into the bloodstream! So, if you think you’ve got a Bartholin’s cyst, see your GP for assessment and ask for a referral to your gynaecologist for excision and drainage.

What are the symptoms of a Bartholin’s cyst?

  • Redness at site
  • Swelling and tenderness
  • Pain in the skin surrounding the vagina
  • Painful intercourse
  • Heat at the site
  • Uncomfortable when walking or sitting down
  • Cyst can grow in size if left untreated
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It’s when the cyst becomes infected that it’s really time to action a Bartholin’s cyst. Swelling, tenderness and heat are three signs of infection. Sometimes the swelling can get to the size of a golf ball!, so it’s imperative this is treated so infected fluid doesn’t cross into the bloodstream.

Treatment for a Bartholin’s Cyst

By gently performing a minor excision, we drain the fluid-filled cyst and unblock the opening of the Bartholin’s gland so that it can continue its purpose. The procedure is generally fairly quick and we administer a local injection to the site to minimise pain. You may have some tenderness post-procedure – and this is to be expected.

We treat patients without private health insurance and will submit the claim to Medicare to help with the out-of-pocket costs to be treated privately. If you would like to book in with us to treat a painful Bartholin’s cyst – call our rooms on 07 3344 – 1656 and one of our friendly reception team will schedule your appointment.

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