Ovulation Induction

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Ovulation induction (OI) is ‘timed intercourse’ with the help from a fertility specialist rather than a home ovulation kit. OI a gentle fertility assistance. It’s ideal for young couples who have no other co-morbidities other than poor ovulatory stimulation and timing. 

Am I A Good Candidate for Ovulation Induction?

When needing assistance in conception, every couple hopes to be an ovulation induction candidate as this is the most affordable and non-invasive assisted fertility method.

At your consultation, Dr Elgey will run through yours and your partners medical history and arrange for you to have basic hormone profile tests performed (unless your GP has prearranged this). The results will help determine whether Ovulation Induction (OI) is suitable for you.

We’ve Had The Tests, We Are Good To Go!

That’s great news! Ovulation Induction is the most gentle and non-invasive fertility treatment which means the important work is done at home! Dr Elgey provides you with your tailored treatment plan which will kick off on the first day of your period. You’re going to be taking a hormone stimulating medication to help stimulate follicle development in the ovaries. Dr Elgey is going to monitor your progress by pelvic ultrasound in our rooms and by blood tests to indicate your fertile window.

We then wait fourteen days with all fingers crossed and hope for a positive pregnancy test!

Will I Fall Pregnant On My First Round of Ovulation Induction?

The primary goal of Clomid is to aid in ovulation; and we see a rise in ovulation via Clomid in 80% of women. Yes, we have seen success in couples in their first round of OI. This outcome is going to vary, determined by genetics, health and lifestyle. If pregnancy hasn’t been achieved after several cycles of OI, that is when it is time to explore other fertility treatments.

How Do I Book In To See Dr Elgey for Fertility?

Easy! Simply call our rooms on 3344-1656 and make a booking with our reception team. Alternatively, you can reach us via email at reception@sunnybankog.com.au

To find out more about the fertility services we provide, click here to read up on Dr Elgey and our working partnership with City Fertility Centre.

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