What The Colour of Your Period Blood is Telling You

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The colour of your period is so telling – especially when you are trying to conceive and in early pregnancy. It’s important to note the colour, texture and timing of the blood. That’s why our team have created a quick guide to what the colour of your period blood is telling you. Have a read below to learn the colours of the menstrual rainbow!


Bright red

When your period blood is this colour, it means this is the freshest blood your uterus is shedding. This colour accompanied by lower abdomen and back pain, generally indicates your that your period is starting. However, if you aren’t due for your period or have had a recent positive pregnancy test and you notice a fresh bleed, it is imperative to book in with your gynaecologist or GP to check this is not the start of a miscarriage or underlying problems such as a cyst.

Dark Red

The longer the blood as been in your uterus, the darker the color becomes. Dark red blood has been around longer and will often show up when you wake up in the morning or when your period is a little heavier than usual. Dark red coloured blood can also indicate the rate your uterus is shedding is beginning to slow down, so as your period comes to an end, you may see this.


Seeing extremely light red or pink coloured blood can happen when your period is lighter than usual or when you’re spotting. It’s normal to have a light period flow on occasion, especially if you’re stressed out, highly athletic, or have experienced a significant change in your weight.

If your period is light month after month, it could be an indicator of a vitamin or nutrient deficiency, which could put your bones and heart at risk. Take this time to reassess your diet and make sure to eat lots of protein-rich foods.

Brown or Black

The blood that sticks around the longest in your uterus will be the darkest. Most commonly, this blood will be brown, but it’s not abnormal if it’s black. You’ll most likely see this darker colour right at the beginning of your cycle on the first day when your period is starting (leftover from last month!), or right at the end when your period is on its way out. If you have had a recent positive pregnancy test and notice brown or black blood, don’t immediately be alarmed as this is old blood, but do let your treating fertility specialist and/or GP know so they can arrange the appropriate testing.


Seriously though, if your period blood has an orangeish tint to it and the texture or scent is off, these can be symptoms of a sexually transmitted disease or infection (STD/STI). If this is the case, make a trip to the gynaecologist’s rooms ASAP.

Nice work! You’re now a pro at knowing what the colour of your period blood is telling you!

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